Evans Tries an O-level Vistas English class 12 NCERT Summary and Question answers

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Evans Tries an O-level (Colin Dexter)


The story is about a prisoner named Evans who is known for successfully escaping from prison in the past. The story starts with a telephonic conversation where prison authorities want to conduct an O-Level exam in German language for him, and the Governor agrees to it, but with extra precautions. The exam is to be conducted in Evans’s cell and a churchman, McLeery, is appointed as the invigilator. The cell is thoroughly checked for any weapons, and all sorts of arrangements are made to keep a check on Evans, including a microphone placed in his cell.

On the day of the exam, McLeery reaches the prison and is searched thoroughly to ensure that he is not carrying any weapon. The exam begins, and everything being spoken in the cell is constantly heard by the Governor. However, during the exam, the Governor receives a phone call from the examination board for some corrections in the question paper, which makes him suspicious. He cross checks it by dialling the number again, which turns out to be busy. Later, there is another phone call from the Magistrate demanding for police officers and a van, which further adds to the Governor’s suspicion.

Meanwhile, Stephens, a prison officer, stands outside the cell and peeps inside after every minute. Everything seems fine until he notices that Evans has put a blanket around himself, which he finds strange but ignores it. After the exam is over, McLeery is escorted out of the cell, and Stephens accompanies him to the gate. However, when he goes back to the cell for a final look, he finds McLeery lying in a pool of blood.

The news spreads that Evans had injured the invigilator and escaped from the jail by impersonating him. McLeery, who was badly injured, is taken to the Governor as he had some important information. McLeery tells the Governor about the photocopy being placed on the question paper, which shared the escape plan with Evans. The Governor decodes the German language and finds out that Evans plans to reach New Bury after his jail break.

The Governor calls in Superintendent Carter, and McLeery is sent with him to catch Evans. However, they miss him, and McLeery is sent to Radcliffe hospital. The Governor calls the hospital and comes to know that they had sent an ambulance to the examination board, but the churchman had already disappeared. He understands the whole plan and realizes that McLeery, who was helping them to search Evans, was in fact Evans himself.

Soon the real McLeery is found tied up at his house, and Evans reaches the hotel Golden Lion and is enjoying his freedom. However, when he reaches the hotel room, he finds the Governor waiting for him. The Governor tells him that he has all of his men around, so there is no chance for him to escape again. He asks Evans about his plan, and Evans tells him everything.

Finally, the prison van arrives to take Evans back to prison, but he manages to escape again with the help of his friends. The story ends with the Governor feeling proud of catching Evans again but also acknowledging his cleverness and determination to escape.

Evans Tries an O-level Imp Questions and Answers

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