GOING PLACES English class 12 NCERT Summary and Question answers

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“GOING PLACES” by A.R. Barton is a story that explores the struggles of a teenager as she tries to navigate her aspirations and family expectations. Sophie is a teenage girl who is about to finish school and has big dreams of achieving a lot in life. She wants to open her own boutique or pursue a career in acting or management, but her family circumstances are different. Her father is a textbook example of a working-class person, and her elder brother Geoff is already working and is almost grown-up in the eyes of Sophie.

Sophie’s friend Jansie tries to make her realize her practical position, but Sophie is not ready to come out from her world of fantasy. She thinks herself to be very sophisticated and original and suitable to be either an actor or work as a manager. The only person in whom Sophie seems to have full faith and hope is her brother Geoff. He passed out school three years back and is working as a mechanic. Though Geoff speaks less and most of the time is busy in his own thoughts, Sophie shares everything with him.

The climax of the story is when Sophie tells her brother Geoff that she has met Danny Casey, an Irish sports star and is going on a date with him. Though Geoff doesn’t believe her, he doesn’t stop her. She goes to the wharf to meet Danny Casey in the evening. She keeps on waiting for him but Danny Casey doesn’t come. Finally, the reality begins to sink into her. She returns home disappointed. She knows that nobody will believe her story. In order to give herself strength, she herself has to believe in her own story.

The story highlights the struggles of a teenager who wants to achieve something more than what her family background and circumstances dictate. It is a story about the power of imagination, the importance of having dreams, and the struggle of finding oneself. It is also a story about the importance of family and the support they provide, and how ultimately one has to find their own path in life.

Imp Questions and Answers

Sophie and Jansie were class-mates and friends. What were the differences between them that show up in the story?

Sophie and Jansie were class-mates and friends, but they had different personalities and outlooks on life. Jansie was more practical and realistic, while Sophie was more dreamy and imaginative. Jansie tries to make Sophie realize her practical position and the limitations of her family background, while Sophie is not ready to come out from her world of fantasy.

How would you describe the character and temperament of Sophie’s father?

Sophie’s father is described as a textbook example of a working-class person. He is not well-educated and has a blue-collar job, which is the reason for Sophie’s family’s financial status. He is not shown to be very involved in Sophie’s life or dreams and is portrayed as someone who is focused on making ends meet and providing for his family.

Why did Sophie like her brother Geoff more than any other person? From her perspective, what did he symbolise?

Sophie likes her brother Geoff more than any other person because he is the only one who listens to her and gives her hope. She shares everything with him and he is the only person in whom she seems to have full faith and hope. From her perspective, he symbolizes someone who has overcome the limitations of their family background and has found success on his own terms.

What socio-economic background did Sophie belong to? What are the indicators of her family’s financial status?

Sophie belongs to a socio-economic background that is lower-middle-class. Indicators of her family’s financial status include her father being a working-class person with a blue-collar job, and her family not being able to afford expensive things like a car. The family’s lifestyle, the way they live, and their economic condition is portrayed as not very well-off.

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