How to prepare for CLAT 2024? CLAT Preparation Tips and related FAQs

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  • FAQ’s
  • Is 1 month preparation enough for CLAT?
  • How many hours do CLAT toppers study?
  • Can an average student clear CLAT?
  • What type of GK is asked in CLAT?
  • A good score in CLAT?
  • Is coaching necessary?
  • Can I prepare for CLAT by self study?
  • Is CLAT toughest exam?
  • Is CLAT a good career option?
  • Conclusion


There are numbers of youth who dream of becoming a lawyer and want to see them in black and white. Students after 12th can get admission for 5 years integrated law course through CLAT.

 CLAT is one of prestigious national level test for the admission in National law Universities (NLUs) in India. CLAT is the very first step towards becoming a lawyer.

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First of all if you have decided to appear in the examination start your preparation as early as possible. The day when you think of that or the moment you think of appearing in CLAT, start your preparation from that moment.

The very first thing you need to do is get acquainted with the syllabus, exam pattern, marking scheme, eligibility, etc. After viewing the basics, go through the syllabus again , look at the subjects and get a overview of each and every subject so that you’ll get the idea of subjects.

After taking the overview of subjects , draw your time table for study. While making your time table keep in mind your favourite and interested in which you are confident and interested and also it is important to keep the weightage of the subject in mind .It is very important that your time table should be according to you and Don’t copy others schedule.

Make notes, it’s very important for the preparation as  notes are very helpful for memorizing things and also for revisions.

Apart from these very basic things of preparation you also need to

        keep yourself calm , don’t take too much pressure.

        Have positive thoughts

        Eat proper and healthy food

        Stay hydrated



Is 1 month preparation enough for CLAT?

No, without any prior knowledge of law subjects you can’t prepare in a month. There are many areas and subjects in the exam which requires a proper and deep study and that is quite tough to do in a month. You can’t start your preparation freshly in a month. For few students it might be possible but the chances are very low

How many hours do CLAT toppers study?

It depends on student to student. For example some students are quick learner, some students can easily memorizes things , these types of students comparatively need less hours of studying than others who are not very quick learner and whose memory powers are not very strong. Both type of students can be topper if they know that how much time they should give to the preparations.

Can an average student clear CLAT?

Off course, any student with their hard work can clear CLAT. There is no hard and fast rule for the exam, all you need to study diligently. Prepare your time table and study regularly as clat is legal aptitude test means the test to check how much you are interested in the field of law. If you’re really into it then it’ll be a piece of cake.

What type of GK is asked in CLAT?

To have general knowledge is very important in CLAT exam because it can lift up your overall score. There are about 30 – 40 questions asked in this section .The GK questions asked in CLAT can be classified in two categories

                1. Current affairs

                2. Static GK

Current affairs

The past year trends of questions paper shows that majority of GK questions are from current affairs.

There are pool of sources available for aspirants on the internet which will help you to build your current knowledge thoroughly.

Sites and YouTube channels likes gktoday and studyIQ are one of the very best available in internet for current affairs.


 Static GK

The universal truths that do not change comes under static GK section.

This section is very vast and requires a lot of time and sections like History, Geography, Constitution, Science are most important topics.

At least 1 hour 35–40 days regularly and prior to the exam is recommended.

There are many useful apps and websites available in the internet which are CLAT oriented.

A good score in CLAT?

Scores around 100 is considered as good score in Clat but not necessarily every year. It depends year’s cut off. So, there is no such safe score in clat. Therefore, just focus on giving your hundred percent.

Is coaching necessary?

The most asked question in preparation of any exam is that ” is coaching necessary” the direct answer is NO. No, the coaching is not one of the necessity for CLAT. But coaching classes aren’t wholly bad as it can aid your preparation, can make you more discipline. So , if you wanted to go for coaching classes you can totally go for it and if you don’t want to go for the coaching classes , then don’t go.

Can I prepare for CLAT by self study?

Yes, CLAT is a legal aptitude exam ,if you are really interested in becoming a lawyer , you can prepare for clat by self studying. As the year passes the difficulty level of this exam is increasing, so while preparing for CLAT by yourself all you need is to remain very focused and disciplined.

Is CLAT toughest exam?

The competition in each and every exam is rising which directly affect the level of exam . It’s fact that each and every competitive exam is getting tougher but the one thing which you need to keep in your mind is” Whether the paper was tough or easy it totally depends upon your preparation” so, without panicking , with calm and focused mind get set for the preparation.

Is CLAT a good career option?

Law is one of the most rewarding interesting subject as it has knowledge as well as monetarily benefits. CLAT is the door to get admission in top most law colleges of India. Also, if you are aiming for judiciary, it is one of most respected profession in any country of the world. A judge is very respectful post in the society as well as in the country. So, indeed it is a very good career option.


From all the questions – answers above, we can conclude that hard work is the key to success. Be focused and regular. Start your preparation from today as we have a almost a year in CLAT 2024.

So do your best. All the best for your preparation!!!

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