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i. Garhwa District

  • Created on: 1 April, 1991
  • Fact: This district is a part of Palamu Commissinary which was separated from Palamu district as an independent district “GARHWA”in 1991. Garhwa is bordered by Palamu district of Jharkhand in the east, Sonbhadra district of U.P in the west, Sone river in the north and Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh in the south.
  • Area: 4,044 km²
  • Population: 13.22 lakhs
  • Male Population: 6.83 lakhs
  • Female Population: 6.38 lakhs
  • Literacy Rate: 60.33 %
  • Language: Hindi
  • Vehicle registration: JH-14
  • Sub-divisions: 3 (Garhwa, Ranka & Banshidhar-Nagar)
  • No.of Blocks: 20 (Garhwa, Ranka, Meral, Bhandaria, Manjhiaon, Bhawanathpur, Banshidhar-Nagar, Durki, Sagma, Ketar, Bishunpura, Dandai, Danda, Bardiha, Chiniya, Kharoundhi, Ramna, Ramkanda, Kandi and Bargarh).
  • No. of villages: 915
  • Important River: Koyal, Kanhar, Danro, Annaraj, Tahale, Bai Banki etc.
  • Pin code: 822114
  • Lok Sabha Constituency: 1
  • Vidhan Sabha Constituency: 2 (GARHWA AND BHAWANATHPUR)
  • Economic Sources: Agriculture
  • Main crop: Paddy, Maize, Wheat and Pulses.
  • Main minerals: Dolomite, Limestone, Coal, Graphite etc.
  • Tourist Places: Baba Banshidhar Mandir (gold statue of Radha-Krishna) and Raja Pahari (Shiva Temple) located at the Top of a Hill in Banshidhar-Nagar, Garhdevi Temple in Garhwa, Sukhaldari River located on the bank of River Kanhar in Durki, Parasdiha fall in Bhawanathpur and Gursandhu fall in Ranka are the famous places you must have to visit.

ii. Latehar District

  • Created on: 4 April 2001
  • Fact: Earlier, it was a subdivision of old Palamau district. It is mainly tribal district, about 45.54% of the population belonging to Scheduled tribes and more than 66% of the total population includes SC and ST.
  • Area: 3,622.5 km^2
  • Population: 7.26 lakhs
  • Male Population: 3.69 lakhs
  • Female Population: 3.57 lakhs
  • Literacy Rate: 59.51%
  • Language: Hindi
  • Vehicle registration: JH-19
  • Sub-division: 2 (Latehar and Mahuadanr)
  • No.of Blocks: 9 (Latehar, Chandwa, Garu, Balumath, Bariyatu, Herhanj, Manika, Barwadih, and Mahuadanr)
  • No. of villages: 772
  • Main River: North-Koal, Damodar or (Deonad), Auranga, Chaupat, Amanat, Ghaghri and others.
  • Pin code: 829206
  • Lok Sabha Constituency: 1 (Chatra)
  • Vidhan Sabha Constituency: 2 (Manika and Latehar)
  • Economic Sources: Agriculture, Forest products, Mines and minerals and Animals husbandry.
  • Main minerals: Coal, Bauxite, Laterite, Dolomite and Graphite etc.
  • Tourist Places: Latehar is a hidden heaven of adventure tourism surrounded by hills and landscape like; Netarhat hill station known for its stunning views of sunrise and sunset and is popularly known as the ‘Queen of Chotanagpur’, Palamu Tiger Reserve – Betla National Park, Palamu Wildlife Sanctuary – Mahuadanr Wolf Sanctuary, Lodh Falls (also known as Budhaghagh falls), located at 10 km North-west from the headquarter of mahuadanr block in Latehar district. It is the highest waterfall in Jharkhand and the 21st highest waterfall in India. Lower Gaghari Fall, Lower Gaghari Fall, Sugha Bandh waterfall etc.

iii. Palamu District

  • Created on: 1 January 1892
  • Fact: Palamu shared its bordered with district Chatra in the east, Garhwa in the west, Latehar in the south and Sone river and State Bihar in the north.
  • Headquarters: Medininagar, situated on the bank of Koel river in between 24º3′ north and 84º4′ east.
  • Area: 5,043.8 Sq. Km.
  • Population: 19.36 Lakhs
  • Male Population: 10.06 lakhs
  • Female Population: 9.33 lakhs
  • Literacy Rate: 63.63 %
  • Language: Hindi
  • Vehicle registration: JH-03
  • Sub-division: 3 (Sadar Medininagar, Chhatarpur, Hussainabad)
  • No.of Blocks: 21 ( Hussainabad, Hariharganj, Haidernagar, mohammadganj, Chhatarpur, Pipra, Nawadiha Bajar/Nawadiha, Pandu, Untari Road, Bishrampur, Nawa Bazar, Patan, Manatu, Padwa, Tarhasi, Panki, Satbarwa, Nilambar-Pitambar (lesliganj), Medininagar (Daltonganj), Chainpur and Ramgarh).
  • No. of villages: 1882
  • River flow: Sone, Koel and Auranga
  • Pin code: 825102
  • Lok sabha Constituency: 2 (Palamu and Chatra)
  • Vidhan Sabha Constituency: 5 (Daltonganj, Panki, Chatarpur, Hussainabad and Bishrampur).
  • Economic Sources: Agriculture(main crop-paddy and sugarcane) and Forests resources.
  • Main minerals: Bauxite, Iron ore, Lithium, Dolomite, and Coal.
  • University: Nilamber Pitamber University.
  • Tourist Places: Fort of Palamu
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